Are you ready to find out about four more of the finest restaurants in The Villages FL? The restaurants in this area of Sumter County are all dressed to impress. That doesn’t mean you need to expect a fine dining experience. If that’s what you want, sure you will find it there. But there is a restaurant for everyone, and you will like these four places I have picked out as you search for the best dining experience in The Villages FL.

McCall’s Tavern is located at 999 Alverez Avenue, and it is right across from the bowling alley. Perhaps it is time to enjoy some bowling and some great food. Reuben sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers and more are served up at McCall’s Tavern. Reviews say that the fried chicken is especially delicious, even if you’re not so much a fried chicken fan.

The Metro Diner also sounds like a neat place to enjoy a meal. Located at 4110 Wedgewood Lane, The Metro Diner is all about chicken pot pies, meatloaf, fish and chips and more. Reviews say to expect excellent service and large portions when you visit this establishment. Great service isn’t really an extra, but it’s nice to hear about all the additional expectations aside from just great food. Heads up, this diner can get really busy.

SonRise Cafe is a popular place, and I like the name. Located at 3469 Wedgewood Lane, SonRise Cafe is a great pick not just for breakfast but for lunch, too. Review after review talks about the great service at this cafe and how you don’t see the bottom of a coffee cup. It is a very comfortable place to grab a bite to eat, but again, heads up, this place can be quite busy and have a wait time, just like Metro Diner.

It is again time to grab a delicious burger. The place is Burger Station LLC, and it is located at 260 Colony Boulevard. You get to eat hand-cut fries at this place, so you know the burgers are going to be delicious, too. And get this, the restaurant is actually located inside a gas station. Now that is a must try.

How do these four restaurants in The Villages sound to you? You have yet another great burger place, a cafe, a diner and a tavern. The Villages features some fine restaurants, and you are good to go now as you look for the next place to grab a bite to eat.