Welcome to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, The Villages in Sumter County FL. You can call it your hometown during your stay, a home away from home for you. It will be a great stay for sure. As you plan out the things you want to do and the restaurants you want to visit, you are going to need a hotel. Let’s take a look at your lodging options for The Villages FL.

There are those hotels that are in The Villages, and then there are those lodging options on the outskirts. Realize, however, that The Villages isn’t technically a town or a city. It’s a census designated area, so staying right on the outskirts isn’t bad at all. However, let’s look first at what there is available within The Villages FL.

First, you have The Waterfront Inn, which is located at 1105 Lakeshore Drive. It should be mentioned that while many guests do like this hotel, they also say that it is time for some upgrades. Reviews say that there is a breakfast buffet, so that certainly sounds like a plan. The Waterfront Inn is certainly an option that will put you up close and personal with everything that The Villages has to offer.

Hampton Inn and Suites Lady Lake is the other hotel that is located within The Villages at 11727 NE 63rd Avenue. This particular hotel might be a little better of an option than The Waterfront Inn, depending on what exactly you are looking for. Even for a Hampton, however, it is said to be showing its age. Still, people say the rooms are nice and the people very friendly.

Hotels that are near The Villages include Town Place Suites, Comfort Suites and Holiday Inn Express. Sleep Inn, Days Inn and Budget Inn are three other choices as well. That gives you 8 lodging possibilities, so you should definitely score a great hotel room for your vacation with all of those choices. Which one sounds like the best option to you?

If it were me, I think I would go with Hampton Inn and Suites. It is right in The Villages, and the hotel rooms seem nice according to reviews as mentioned. You might as well not put yourself right outside the area if it’s not necessary in order to book the best hotel. I suppose if I had to pick a second choice, it would be Holiday Inn Express.